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International competition for the concept and content of the exhibition setup in the Montenegro National Pavilion at the World Expo 2025 Osaka


The Ministry of Economic Development has announced an international competition for the concept and content of the exhibition setup in the Montenegro National Pavilion at the World Expo 2025 Osaka, which will take place from April 13 to October 13, 2025, in Osaka, Japan.

The competition is international in participant scope, general in type, anonymous in submission and evaluation method, and single-stage in format.

The aim of this competition is to achieve the best design solution for the Montenegro Pavilion at the World Expo 2025 Osaka that will align with the exhibition setup, be adapted to the space where the exhibition will be held, and uniquely and innovatively integrate the exhibition concept with the overarching theme of Expo 2025 Osaka "Designing Future Society for Our Lives" and the sub-theme "Connecting Lives."

Competition Deadlines

The deadline for submissions is 23:59 CET (Central European Time) on Thursday, June 27, 2024.

Competition results will be announced by July 27, 2024.

Following the jury's decision and the submission of the Jury's Final Report, the competition organizer will publish the results on the official website

Deadline for Questions

All participants can ask questions related to the competition until May 23, 2024, after which all received questions and answers will be published on the website by May 27, 2024.

Questions should be sent to: [email protected]

Members of the Competition Jury:

  • Dr. Sonja Radović Jelovac, MSc.Arch., jury president;
  • Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš, architect and General Commissioner of the Montenegro Pavilion at the World Expo 2025 Osaka, member;
  • Mr. Novica Mitrović, MSc.Arch., president of the Professional Chamber of Architects IKCG, member;
  • Prof. Dr. Svetlana Perović, MSc.Arch., dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Montenegro, member;
  • Associate Prof. Aljoša Dekleva, MSc.Arch., M. Arch (Dist) AA, member;
  • Dr. Vladislav Šćepanović, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, member;
  • Ms. Ivona Savićević, Acting General Director of the Directorate for International Cooperation, European Integration, and Implementation of EU Funds at the Ministry of Economic Development, member.

Prize Fund

The organizer has provided a prize fund in the following amounts:

  • First prize: 10,000.00 EUR
  • Second prize: 6,000.00 EUR
  • Third prize: 4,000.00 EUR


The competition documentation is available at the LINK

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