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Competition for the Conceptual Architectural Design of the Emergency Centre within the Complex of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro


Ministry of Ecology, Spatial planning and Urbanism has announced an International Competition for a Conceptual Architectural Design of the Emergency Centre within the Complex of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro.

The subject of the Competition is the development of the conceptual architectural design of the Emergency Centre within the complex of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro on urban plot No. 12, which consists of cadastral plots No. 1284/1, 1286, 1287/1 CM Podgorica I, which is within the scope of Amendments to the Urban Project "Clinical Centre of Montenegro" ("Official Gazette of Montenegro - Municipal Regulations", No. 23/11). 
The area within the scope of the Competition is 6,701 m2 (UP12).
The existing buildings on UP11 and UP13 represent the wider scope of the Competition solely in terms of achieving an enclosed passageway in the manner stipulated by the planning document. Take into account the relationship between the volume and architectural expression of existing structures when designing the annexe of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro.

Since the capacity of the existing emergency centre, which is located within the main building of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, cannot meet the needs of a large number of patients due to increase in the population in the Capital City, it is necessary to build a new building of the Emergency Centre within the complex of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro.

Competition deadlines:

The Competition shall be open as of Tuesday, 25 July 2023.
The deadline for submission of entries is 11:59 p.m. (local time in Montenegro) Monday, 9 October 2023.
The results of the Competition shall be announced by 7 November 2023.
Following the decision of the Jury and submission of the Final report of the Jury, the Competition Announcer shall publish the results of the Competition on the official website of the Competition: 

The members of the Competition Jury are: 

1. Vladan Stevović, M.Arch., Chief State Architect in the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism of Montenegro - President of the Jury;
2. Alessandro Armando, PhD in Arch., Associate Professor at the Polytechnic University of Turin - Department of Architecture and Design - expert member;
3. Hrvoje Njirić, PhD in Arch. – expert member;
4. Veljko Radulović, PhD in Arch. - representative of the Engineering Chamber of Montenegro – expert member;
5. Dragana Čenić, BSc Arch. – expert member;
6. Sanja Paunović Žarić, PhD in Arch. Faculty of Architecture, University of Montenegro in Podgorica
7. Ljiljana Radulović, D.M. Sc., Director of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro - expert member.

Prize fund:

First prize - 33.000,00 €
Second prize - 18.000,00 €
Thrid prize - 10.000,00 €
Three honorable mentions – 4.000,00 €

The Right to Participate:

Persons who have their residence or registered office in the territory of Montenegro may participate in the Competition, as well as the persons with residence or registered office in the territory of another country. 
At least one of the authors of the competition entry (an individual or the leader of the author's team) is a responsible person of the architectural profession (licensed architect).  
The license may be obtained in Montenegro or in another country and must be attached within the competition documentation (in the way defined in the Call for Competition).  


There is no need to register. Participation is free of charge.

Deadline for questions:

All participants can submit questions about the Competition until Monday, August 14th 2023, after which all the questions received and answers thereto will be published on the website until Friday, September 1st 2023.
Questions should be sent to:
[email protected]


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