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Competition for the conceptual architectural design of the building - Day care center for the accommodation of persons with disabilities over 27 years old, in Berane


The municipality of Berane has announced a national competition for the conceptual architectural design of the facility - Day Center for the accommodation of persons with disabilities over 27 years of age, in Berane.

The subject of the competition is the selection of the best conceptual architectural solution for the construction of a day center for the accommodation of persons with disabilities over the age of 27, which will serve as the basis for elaboration through the main project, which will follow after the selection of the first-prized competition work. The general and ultimate goal is to create conditions for the stay of persons with disabilities in accordance with social protection standards in order to focus on the development of practical skills for everyday life, the development and exercise of social and physical functions.

Competition deadlines:

The contest is open from Monday, October 16, 2023.
The deadline for submission of papers is 11:59 p.m., Monday, December 25, 2023.
The results of the competition will be announced by January 22, 2024.

After the decision of the jury and the preparation of the final report of the jury, the Contest announcer will publish the results of the Contest on the official website of the Municipality of Berane:

Members of the competition jury:

1. Prof. Dr. Sveltana Perović, dean of the Faculty of Architecture, UCG - president of the jury
2. Sonja Simeunović Vuković, Bachelor of Engineering, Chief City Architect of the Municipality of Berane - expert member
3. Tamara Marović, M.Arch – expert member
4. Andrea Pajković, spec.sci.arch - professional member
5. Slobodan Petrović, spec.sci.arch - expert member

The deputy member of the Jury, in case of need, will be arch. Ivana Medojević.

Prize fund:

I prize - €8,500.00
II prize - €5,500.00
III prize - €3,500.00

The amounts indicated above are expressed in gross values.

Right to participate:

Persons residing in the territory of Montenegro can participate in the Competition, where at least one of the authors of the competition work (individual or author team leader) must be a responsible person in the architectural profession (licensed architect).


Registration is not required, participation in the contest is free.

Deadline for asking questions:

All participants can ask questions related to the contest until Monday, October 30, 2023, after which all received questions and answers will be published on the website until Monday, November 13, 2023.

Questions should be sent to:

[email protected]

Tender documentation is available at


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