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Competition for the conceptual architectural design of the base station for the "Hajla and Štedim" ski center


The Ministry of Spatial Planning, Urbanism and State Property issued a Decision on the announcement of an international Competition for the conceptual architectural design of the base station for the "Hajla and Štedim" ski center.

The competition brief was prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development and Northern Development, as well as the members of the Jury. The subject of the competition is the development of a conceptual architectural design for the base station of the 'Hajla and Štedim' ski center, located within the scope of the Local Site Study of Hajla and Štedim ("Official Gazette of Montenegro - municipal regulations", No. 22/18), Municipality of Rožaje.

Competition entries are expected to offer solutions that, considering the existing environmental values of the narrower and wider location, will characterize uniqueness in architectural design and provide an optimal functional solution for the planned program contents. An innovative approach is expected in spatial and architectural design solutions, as well as in the use of materials, all in accordance with the purpose of the facility.


·       The Competition is open from Friday, May 17, 2024. 

·       The deadline for submission of entries is Thursday, August 15, 2024, by 13:00h (Montenegrin local time).

·       The Competition results will be published by Friday, September 20, 2024.


All participants can submit questions about the Competition until Friday, June 7, 2024.,  and thereafter all received questions and answers will be published on the website by Friday, June 21, 2024.

Questions are to be submitted to the following email address:

[email protected]

Following the decision of the Jury and submission of the Final report of the Jury, the Competition Announcer shall publish the results of the Competition on the official website of the Competition: .

Jury members:

1.           dr Svetlana Perović, architect – dean of the Faculty of Architecture University of Montenegro – president of the Jury;

2.         dr Grozdana Šišović, architect – associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, "re:a.c.t" studio, Belgrade - expert member;

3.         Kata Marunica, architect - studio „NFO“ Zagreb – expert member;;

4.         Ivan Jovićević, architect - studio „BIRO 81000“ Podgorica – representative of the Chamber of Architects at the Chamber of Engineers of Montenegro – expert member;

5.         Arbin Kalač, Chief City Architect of the Municipality of Rožaje - expert member;

6.         Mladen Obrenović, architect - "Ski Resorts of Montenegro" Ltd. Mojkovac - expert member;

7.          Majda Adžović - representative of the Competition Announcer.

Prize fund: 

         First prize -  13.500,00 € 

         Second prize -   5.500,00 €

         Third prize -  2.500,00 €

         One honourable mention - 1.000,00 €  

Eligibility for participation:

Any individual or legal entity who meets the requirements defined by the Competition Announcement and the Competition Brief has the right to participate in the Competition.

Individuals residing or legal entities with registered office in the territory of Montenegro or any other country can participate in the Competition. At least one of the authors of the competition entry (an individual or the leader of the author's team) must be a licensed architect, serving as the responsable party. The author, or team leader, may collaborate with experts from other professions to enhance the design of the competition entry.


Registration is not required; participation in the competition is free.


You can find the exact location at LINK


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